Successful workshop on implementing the IMAGinE system

On March 5th and 6th, IMAGinE project partners from sub-project 4 - system and vehicle integration met at Hessen Mobil's DRIVE Center in Frankfurt/Main for a two-day workshop on the first start-up of the central IMAGinE communication chain. This covers the internal communication channels in the vehicles from partner-specific to common systems over the air.

The test enabled the prototypical representation of the basic communication through the vehicle internal systems to the other vehicles in IMAGinE. In a first step, the sent data on the position and orientation of the vehicles was compared, so that later on it can be guaranteed that the positioning is sufficient for the cooperative maneuvers. To support the vehicle tests, a simulation computer was used to record maneuvers via the V2X interface and to simulate other V2X actors.

During the two-day workshop with nine vehicles, a tabletop setup and a simulation computer, the functionality was successfully tested for the first time in live operation with vehicles. All participants were very well prepared and at the end of the workshop the first column drives were carried out, which were recorded for evaluation and comparison of the positioning. Until the next workshop, the transmission of the message content will be further developed and tested.